Orquesta Narvaez; Yomo Tomo Show - 1975.

(Left to Right)  Armando Vasquez, Dewell Narvaez,  Joey Naveira, Ralphy Rodriquez.

                                           Dewell Narvaez 

Orginal Members from left to right; Manny Grau- Bongos; Jose Morales - Timbales; Dewell Narvaez - Trombone; "Tony" - Congas (replacement for Danny Quijano who had shipped out to US Navy); Joey Naveira - Bass.  Kneeling left to right: Armando Vazquez - Lead Vocals; John Carro - Piano; Ralphie Rodriquez - Trombone.  (Photo was taken during the taping of the Yomo Toro Show on Spanish Network Television. The band appeared on Mr. Toro's television show for three consecutives weeks ).   ​

Orquesta Narvaez originated in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC during the 70's.  Founded by band leader Dewell Narvaez at age 14, the band was discovered by promoter Richie Bonilla in a Brooklyn night club and signed to Tico Records in 1974 by legendary producer Joe Cain who recorded the bands first album "Reincarnation" released in 1975.  

During the recording of "Reincarnation," Tico Records was sold to it's competitor - Fania Records and no additional albums were recorded. To his credit, prior to the band's transfer to Fania, Joe Cain brought the band back into the studio for a collaboration with country singer Freddy Fender where they recorded  "Al Despertar,"  "Camaron," and "Hombre" -  considered Salsa gems among Salsa collectors today.